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Southeast Asia: Land of a Thousand Smiles

Sunrise and Angkor Wat

Southeast Asia has been on my travel wish list for years.

I’m no 20-something looking for price-conscious adventure. Admittedly, that’s how I envisioned the stereotypical tourist visiting Southeast Asia.

Instead, the region’s reputation for incredible food, enchanting temples and friendly people drew me here. Not to mention, every person who has visited the area raves about it.

Southeast Asia is what I’d call restrained exotic. It’s different enough to stimulate all of your senses, but sprinkles in plenty of smiles to make you feel comfortable.

Snapshot Review: Four Seasons Hualalai

Rainbows over Hawaii at the Four Seasons Hualalai Resort

Let’s start with the sunsets. Tourists descend along the beach like paparazzi to get the perfect shot. And it’s perfect pretty much every night.

Just when I say to myself, “No, I can’t take another beautiful sunset shot.” I pull out my camera. I can't help myself.

Even better are the rainbow-streaked mornings over the Pacific. I kicked myself for not getting out of bed sooner during our stay to watch the magic unfold during the early morning light.

It’s not just the rainbows framing the shot. It’s also how the sun catches the surf, creating lines of blinding white against the blue-gray water.

The Four Seasons Hualalai isn’t responsible for Mother Nature, but it can take credit for creating the perfect environment in which to appreciate it.

Fave Finds on Hawaii’s Big Island

Kilauea Iki Crater Trail in Volcanoes National Park

If you love rain-soaked, lush locales, you’ll find them on Hawaii’s Big Island. If you prefer sunny, black-sand beaches and lava fields, they’re here, too.

As we drove from Hilo up the east coast and wound around to the Kona area, it felt as if we had entered some kind of time warp to experience both climates and terrains within minutes of one another. One moment we were flipping on our windshield wipers and the next we were slipping on our sunglasses.