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Stay to Eat at Kinloch Lodge

Kinloch Lodge is the place you stay to eat. Even in a highly scenic locale with wood-burning fireplaces crackling throughout the enchanting property, the main event here is the Michelin-star meals its head chef Marcello Tully creates nightly.

After a long and semi-frightful drive from Edinburgh, we landed safely at Kinloch on the Isle of Skye just before sunset. Let’s just say navigating the narrow Scottish roads isn’t for the faint of heart – or anyone with a serious heart condition.

After our complimentary champagne at check-in, our greeter escorted us to our suite in the adjacent house overlooking the Loch na Dal in Sleat on Isle of Skye.

We decided to stretch our legs with a stroll before dinner. The sky had cleared just enough to reward us with a beautiful sunset. We truly felt we had arrived in Scotland as we sat there on the rocky shore at the edge of Kinloch Hill watching the sky’s vibrant hues intensify with each passing minute.

Sunset backdrop against cottage near Kinloch Lodge

Eat This in Paris: 7 Memorable Meals

After hours of research, hefty calorie consumption and a few days of letting it all digest, we have decided on the winners of our French-food feeding frenzy in Paris.

The competition was steeper than the Eiffel Tower, but the best spots rose to the top without little dispute from its two judges. (There was one spirited disagreement over the merits of a chewy baguette, but I digress.)

Here’s a rundown of our favorite restaurants during the trip. Please weigh in on where you love to eat in Paris and feel free to disagree with any of the choices below. Hard to imagine.