Edinburgh Marries Old and New

Edinburgh is love at first sight. Even in its misty haze.

We traveled by train from London to Edinburgh. As you enter the city, you’re immediately struck by its old-world beauty. Then you realize it’s more than skin deep. There’s just as much substance as you get to know the people and history of Scotland’s capital city with just under 500,000 residents.

Magnetic London attracts new fan

What had I been waiting for?

That’s what I wondered as I explored London for the first time. It’s not like this was my first European rendezvous.


Instead of going to the place of my cultural heritage with a familiar language, I always opted for the continent’s more “exotic” offerings. Give me Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary. So much more interesting having to navigate a new language, I reasoned.

Only now was I arriving in London. And it took a friend’s 50th birthday celebration to get me here. Oh, foolish me.

Beyond Brooklyn Bridge

We were primed to see the Brooklyn Bridge having just watched Ken Burns’ documentary on the landmark. At the time it opened in 1883, the bridge was called the eighth wonder of the world.

It wasn’t our first time to marvel at it, but we were certainly more well-informed this time around Little did we know that one of the two tower foundations doesn’t rest on bedrock. I think it’s safe to say it’ll hold at this point. 

Iguanas, sea turtles and other sightings around Manzanillo

I’ve visited several resort towns in Mexico. Part of the fun is venturing out of the more polished, sanitized version of the place to experience its authentic side.

In Manzanillo, I felt the closest to getting real in Mexico.