Panini Paradise

Thanks to our tour guide, Federico, for recommending this panini-making paradise. The long line at All’Antico Vinaio and our rumbling stomach led us astray one day, but we returned the next a little earlier to make good on our panini passion. Now we know the shop churns out sandwiches well worth the wait.

We spiced up our paninis with sun-dried tomato and artichoke spreads. Other delicious choices included a tomato-based meat sauce, marinated zucchini shavings, smoked eggplant, creamy cheese dressing and truffle paste.

Another nice feature is the self-service wine bar with small glasses you can take to the curb with you as you savor your sandwich. Perfecto!

Flavor potluck with a badass jaca

When we stopped by a rustic roadside fruit stand on the outskirts of Manzanillo, Mexico, I wasn’t expecting to eat anything, much less a spiked fruit the size of a large watermelon called a jaca.  

Our guide Donato told us when you open a jaca, also known as jackfruit, you never know what flavor you’ll get – coconut, papaya, mango, pineapple? When I tried a taste, it reminded me of all of those fruits, but was distinctly its own.

Sous Chef for a Night

When the tall basket of produce arrived on our table we thought, “Really?” 

Yes, we really were expected to pull out that hard-boiled egg, cucumber, tomato, celery stalk and other veggies of choice and get to slicing, dicing and cracking. That’s the usual make-your-own-salad drill at Le Maschou in Cannes, France, and we loved it.