105 miles to Guatemala

While our car’s tripmeter registered only 105 miles, we felt nearly a continent away as we noshed at Cafe Antigua in Oklahoma City. 

This Guatemalan restaurant in the Gatewood area of Oklahoma City might be better known for its Antiguan-grown coffee and breakfast dishes, but we settled on some dynamite lunch specials. I ordered the chile rellenos and chicken tamale while my husband chose beef picadillo flautas.

Guerrilla fried chicken on a roll in LA

With gourmet food trucks gaining popularity, I wanted to find out what all the buzz was about. 

Inspired by an Anthony Bourdain episode on his show, The Layover, I signed onto LudoTruck’s Facebook page to track down its whereabouts. I craved the fried chicken sandwich slathered in béarnaise, honey-glazed garlic chicken wings and lavender biscuits they’re known to expertly prepare. 

Savory Burger Paradise

Umami is a Japanese word that describes the pleasant and savory taste imparted by glutamate, a type of amino acid, and ribonucleotides that occur naturally in foods. At least that’s how Chef Adam Fleischman describes it on the website of his Umami Burger chain.

Science aside, he is turning the fast-food dining concept into an art form. Even the top bun is branded with a signature U, lest you forget into what you’re about to bite. 

Stop and Taste the Tapas

Eating tapas is like walking around an impressive art exhibit with a bottomless glass of wine the wait staff keeps topping off. While consuming delightful morsel after morsel, you never quite know how much you’ve consumed - and what you’re eating is the art itself.

Then there is the visual experience and instant gratification of pointing to the food you fancy and having it quickly plated and delivered. Unless of course it requires some additional preparation like the tender calamari rings and thinly sliced artichoke hearts so expertly flash fried to a perfect crisp at Ciudad Condal.

From Barcelona to Seville to Madrid to Toledo, tapas became a regular part of our Spanish experience.

Like the tapas, each town offers a unique - and tasty - take on life.