Central Park Amusement

There’s no place quite like Central Park. It’s a must-see every time we’re in New York City.

This priceless acreage sculpted by granite rocks, lakes, meadows, trees, bridges and pathways is such an oddity surrounded by Manhattan’s skyscrapers. While it offers a respite from the quick pace of the city outside its perimeter, its New York-bred commercialism is evident as street vendors and performers hustle to make a living.

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Within a 15 minute span, we watch a man create prisimatic, human-consuming bubbles, a model getting primped for a photo shoot and a yogi performing painful-looking poses that make the empathetic observer want to curl up into a fetal position.

That’s just what tantalizes you by sight. 

Just as mesmerizing are the sounds of the park - children playing, runners pounding the pavement, cyclers whizzing past and musicians performing. We stroll from one genre to the next as we cross the invisible sound barriers within the park - the distance at which one musician can perform without interrupting the competition. 

In some spots, no barriers exist. The result is a beautiful cacophony that is uniquely New York.

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