Planning is half the fun of travel.

The possibilities are endless, with your only limitations being budget and time.

Where do you start? Snapshot Traveler is a resource for helping you shorten the distance between contemplation and destination.

Pull up a chair. Grab a coffee. And feed your wanderlust tendencies.

Inspiration for your next trip is just a snapshot away.

Person behind the lens

Susie-WellendorfPhotos are the best souvenirs. They don’t sit on a mantle collecting dust. They push you to notice the uniqueness and beauty of your surroundings. They inspire us to see and do more.

I caught a case of the travel bug early in life. Even the business travel required by my first job in corporate communications sealed my incurable state. Many times I thought, “They’re really paying me to travel?”

From helicopter rides to visit offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to four-wheel drives on snow-packed roads to tour natural gas processing plants in Wyoming, each business trip got me closer to the people at the heart of our company. I loved meeting new people and then telling their stories.

That same interest follows me off the job.

I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel the world with my retired husband, a sometimes reluctant but good-natured photo subject.

Don-and-SusieThe best part is now we get to discover new places together. Figuring out where to go and how to make the most of our time in a new locale is part of the fun.

I started this whole blogging thing as a way to remember and share my travel experiences. Along the way, I hope to spark some new ideas and learn from others while feeding my own travel bug.

Here’s to making the most of each trip!

Happy travels,

Susie Wellendorf, Founder of Snapshot Traveler