Finding Gettysburg Off the Battlefield

Doors in Gettysburg
Even the well-worn and nicked doors of old Civil War buildings in Gettysburg are interesting. Prepare to be charmed.

I expected the town of Gettysburg to be filled with plenty of Civil War trinket shops.

Considering the battlefield is Gettysburg’s main attraction, I figured the town would be devoid of much charm and character. I had it pegged as the typical tourist trap. My hunch was wrong.

Richmond Taste Leaves Us Wanting More

Pedestrian Bridge to Belle Isle in Richmond, Virginia
Finding an interesting path in Richmond, Virginia, is easy. Most roads lead to fine food, history and culture.

Two days is barely enough time to get to know Richmond, Virginia. Like a well-constructed tasting menu, the visit gave us just a few bites and left us wanting more.

By the time we left, we felt so at home in this city full of restaurants, history and culture, we decided it was definitely a repeat-worthy destination.

Get Your History On: Patriotic Reawakening Tour

George Washington statue at Virginia State Capitol
Schoolchildren give their rapt attention to the tour guide at the Virigina State Capitol as he talks about the only statue for which George Washington posed. I, too, felt like an eager learner wanting to take in all of the wonder and awe of our nation's history during our road trip across hallowed ground.

When we first began planning what we initially called our "Civil War Tour," we weren't quite sure what to expect – or where to start.

It was new territory for us as we crisscrossed Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. We found ourselves entering and exiting multiple states within minutes of one another. “Goodbye, Virginia,” we’d announce, only to re-enter it again on the same stretch of highway minutes later.

I guess you could call our trip more of a hodgepodge of Revolutionary and Civil War history.

Anguilla: 50 Shades of Blue

Anguilla's 50 shades of blue

From sea to sky, Anguilla is a scintillating 50 shades of blue.

You can’t help but gawk at the ocean. From the palest aquamarine to the brightest turquoise to the stormiest blue, the color show unfolds as the sun and clouds jockey for position in an equally alluring sky.

With 33 beaches on this 35-square-mile Caribbean island in the British West Indies, there are plenty of vantage points from which to appreciate its subtle shades. 

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