Can Do in Cannes

Our first lesson from the concierge at the InterContinental Carlton Hotel: Cannes is pronounced "can" as in "yes, can do." For some reason, that seemed like a funny phrase coming from the mouth of the young, tall and proper Frenchman behind the counter, but it certainly was memorable.

We knew Cannes would be a scene of beautiful, tan people soaking up the sun and fun off of the Boulevard de la Croisette. After all, it's Beverly Hills' sister city and a star-studded mecca during the famous Cannes Film Festival that had just wrapped up the month before our visit.

Hypnotic Death Valley

Our perspective seems off balance as we wend around and dip through the curving landscape. We follow what seems like the only paved road in Death Valley National Park, adding to its allure. 

The diverse terrain is richly rewarding, but feeling as if you’re the only person exploring the park is priceless. The quiet is hypnotic. 

Other national parks require a hike into their interior to enjoy the reward of solitude. Not here. Death Valley is one of the few national parks where you can feel completely alone on the road.

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