Cabo Cravings: Dining to Fit Your Mood

Barrio de Tango

One of the best things about Cabo living is the food.

We’re not talking tacos, although there are ample taquerias to satisfy just about any craving.

We’re talking high-quality, Michelin-star-worthy food. Equally as fun and tasty are the more casual restaurants.

Every time we return to Cabo, we try to knock off a few places on our continuously expanding – about like our waistlines – must-eat wish list.

Here are a few treasures we’ve found over the last few months that are worth a visit.

Coffee-Culture Addict

Java. Joe. Café Americano. Espresso. Cappuccino. Latte. Frappuccino.

Whatever you call it and however you take it, coffee is the magic potion that fuels nations. More importantly, it brings people together.

Our memorable walk through Claude Monet's gardens a Giverny ended with this fine cup of coffee at a nearby cafe.