Juicy burgers, gossip worth the wait

Our foodie friends recommended it and we wholeheartedly agree. The Shake Shack at Madison Square Park in New York City turns out some awesome burgers.

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Sure. Around lunchtime you’re likely to wait in line a while. But take advantage of the time for some juicy eavesdropping among fellow patrons as you contemplate your best burger move.


Within a few minutes, we overheard a young investment-banker type confess to his friend the pending pressure and subsequent fear of marriage to his girlfriend. This is meaty stuff.

What to order? You can’t go wrong topping off a classic burger with a deep-fried, cheese-stuffed Portobello mushroom.

They also do fries the way they’re meant to be savored – crinkle-cut, of course. The added surface area of the cut provides the perfect ratio of crispiness to mushy potato goodness. Go all out and add the namesake shake to round out your experience - and your waistline.

So shake up your New York eats next time with some serious burger flavor while taking in a beautiful park. The lights strung across the trees make me think it would be a fun place to dine in the evening, too. Whether day or night, you won’t look at burgers quite the same way. 

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