Eat This in Paris: 7 Memorable Meals

After hours of research, hefty calorie consumption and a few days of letting it all digest, we have decided on the winners of our French-food feeding frenzy in Paris.

The competition was steeper than the Eiffel Tower, but the best spots rose to the top without little dispute from its two judges. (There was one spirited disagreement over the merits of a chewy baguette, but I digress.)

Here’s a rundown of our favorite restaurants during the trip. Please weigh in on where you love to eat in Paris and feel free to disagree with any of the choices below. Hard to imagine.

Culinary treasures in Paris … Texas?

Move over Paris, France. Your Texan sister is equally big on taste.

Having just planned our culinary exploits for our upcoming Paris trip, it seemed apropos to stop in its namesake town on our way to see my mom and stepdad in Kilgore, Texas.

Reviews on Yelp steered us to Burgerland. A vinyl banner hung on the window proudly boasted its No. 1 spot as the burger king – not to be confused with the chain – in Paris.

Burger Land in Paris, Texas

Building up an appetite for French food

What’s for dinner in Paris

I’m spending an obscene amount of time preparing for our trip to Paris with my stomach as my guide. That’s about as dangerous as going to the grocery store with a rumbling belly.

My husband and I have seven nights in the city of lights, where food gets the spotlight for good reason.

Paris appropriately is known as one of the world’s most romantic cities. And savoring its French cooking is like a slow dance with a cherished lover. Time stops. Full attention is given to the dish and how it makes you feel oh-so-good.

We’re looking forward to dancing – and eating – our way through this city in celebration of our wedding anniversary.

‘Hungry for Paris’ as my guide

As our personal guide, “Hungry for Paris” by Alexander Lobrano has been an invaluable resource for finding the best places to get our French food fixes. It’s filled with personal stories that define more than his top 109 restaurants’ specialties, but also other insights that make them winning choices based on your unique tastes.

Haggis: Don’t ask, don’t tell

No matter how you dice it, people either love or hate haggis. At least that was the response I got from my Facebook friends when I mentioned trying the Scottish staple. One of my favorite responses likened it to licking a wet dog.

I honestly hadn’t given haggis a thought until our concierge told us about a place that made some of Scotland’s best. “So what is it?” I asked. He advised that it’s best not to think about it; just try it.

Hmmm … sounded sketchy to me. So I did what all inquisitive, in-the-know people do these days. I googled it.