Falling for Tulsa

Falling for Tulsa is easy this time of year.

What's not to like about this season? Amazing leaf color, dramatic sunsets and dynamite weather frame my perspective. Fall is a welcomed relief after a hot, humid summer and a last hurrah before the onset of a chilly, gray winter.

The season also marks a laid-back time of transition. Oklahoma winds disperse leaves in every direction, especially toward our yard it seems. Dense flocks of birds dodge and dive in clusters as they make their way south. Squirrels scamper up and down trees, stockpilng their winter nuts while mesmerizing our vizsla, Maya.

Inspired by fall's beauty and weather, I grabbed my camera to capture the season around our neighborhood with my assisting models – my husband, Don, and our resident squirrel huntress, Maya.

Happy fall to you, wherever you're enjoying it.

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