Whales, Foot Massages and Killer Guacamole at One&Only Resort

You had me at guacamole and chips.

Then you piled it on with daily poolside foot massages, conch-shell calls alerting us to whales frolicking in the Sea of Cortez, and hand-over-heart greetings by your super friendly, attentive staff.

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Those are just a few touches that have us counting the days until our return trip. Yes, One&Only Palmilla is the resort that has landed so deeply in our hearts that we make an annual pilgrimage to experience this Mexican paradise.

We're not the only ones smitten by its charms. About 40 percent of its business comes from repeat customers, according to the resort's general manager. Not surprisingly, One&Only Palmilla is considered one of Mexico’s top resorts.

Our favorite time to visit is in February when whale sightings are plentiful and the cool breezes take the edge off the searing sun. Of course, that’s also the job of the resort's two infinity-edge pools – one dedicated to adults only.

There are two private beach areas at the resort. One is ideal for athletic pursuits like swimming, kayaking and paddle-boarding. The other is good for exploring tidal pools and watching the waves crash against its unique rock formations.

My modus operandi on a beach vacation is to park it in the sand with a pile of books to peruse as the ocean’s rhythm anchors me in the moment. While there’s plenty to explore outside the resort, I love spending our days here focused on the beauty of our surroundings and celebrating this special time with my hubby.

Now that we're back home, fond memories will have to sustain us until our next Mexican paradise fix. Save us some guacamole and chips.

See you next year, Cabo.


+1 # Paula 2014-07-30 00:02
Sounds fabulous. It's on my list now :)
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