Guerrilla fried chicken on a roll in LA

With gourmet food trucks gaining popularity, I wanted to find out what all the buzz was about. 

Inspired by an Anthony Bourdain episode on his show, The Layover, I signed onto LudoTruck’s Facebook page to track down its whereabouts. I craved the fried chicken sandwich slathered in béarnaise, honey-glazed garlic chicken wings and lavender biscuits they’re known to expertly prepare. 

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We found the red truck parked in the back alleyway of a high-rise office building. Its position on a shady corner made it look as if the truck was prepared for a quick getaway, but not before the business-clad customers had their way with it. With no parking spots readily available, we asked the attendant of an adjacent garage if we could leave our car for a few minutes while we placed our order. He smiled and nodded with enthusiasm knowing we were simply there to get a fried chicken fix.

Wow. It was just what I expected from the well-reputed French Chef Ludo Lefebvre who has experience working in some of the best Michelin-star restaurants. And it was so much more than I anticipated from a truck. 

Lesson learned: Never judge a lunch by its cover - in this case, a truck ready to roll. 

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