Time Traveling in Versailles

Few experiences can transport you to another time like strolling through Versailles in France.

Tired of bustling Paris, Louis XIV decided to convert a lodge at Versailles into a palace. When the Sun King began occupying it in 1682, it became the capital of the kingdom until 1789. After touring the opulent palace and gardens, it’s no wonder the French revolted.

While the modern-day crowds offer a quick slap back to reality, touring the site as classical music flows and fountains dance is one of the best ways to step back in time and experience another era. Be sure to check out the events calendar on its website to schedule your trip around this spectacle.

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Tucked behind tall hedges are dozens of fountains that run during different parts of the day, so plan your visit to see as many as possible in full spray.

To make the most of your time, rent bicycles to cover as much territory as possible of the 2,500-plus acres. Coordinate your trip around a picnic lunch so you can savor the scenery as you dine on classic Parisian sandwiches along the Grand Canal.

Stop by the Hamlet where Marie-Antoinette lived the “simple life.” It includes more modest yet charming thatched-roof houses and a working farm where she could get away from the pomp and circumstance of life at the palace.

Just as Marie-Antoinette pretended to live another life, we also can time travel to another world with a visit to Chateau de Versailles.

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