Insider Tips: Prepare To Be Wowed by Florence

Florence Tour Guide Giulia Castelli of Giulia Florence Wowtown
When I asked if I could take our guide Giulia’s photo, she enthusiastically obliged and hammed it up for the camera.

I got to know the bubbly and tell-it-straight guide Giulia Castelli during a half-day tour of Florence, Italy. By the end of our short time together, I felt as if I was parting with a dear friend.

Giulia isn’t shy to share what she loves about her city, bringing its past and present to life with stories and details that otherwise might go unnoticed.

Peanuts, Pretzels and Cookies: Delta Feeds My Loyalty

"Peanuts, pretzels or cookies?" our cheerful flight attendant asked. It's not an option we hear often on domestic airlines in economy class.

You're lucky to get an offer for a measly pack of peanuts these days, so it was a welcomed temptation during a recent flight on Delta Air Lines.

Ditch the running shoes

Upgrade to stylish-yet-comfy travel shoes

Nothing says tourist more than running shoes in Europe. While I don’t consider myself a fashionista, I want to fit into my travel scene.

I struck some balance with my new ECCO Bluma Summer Ballerina shoes during my recent trip to Paris. An added bonus is they can double as a light workout shoe. Of course, that's assuming I make it to a gym. Didn't happen on this trip.

ECCO Bluma Summer Ballerina in Paris