Brooklyn Calling

It’ll be fun to watch what develops in Brooklyn over the next few years. After a bicycle tour, I’m sold there’s more to explore of this New York City borough.

Brooklyn is the most populous of the city’s five boroughs with 2.6 million inhabitants.

The changing landscape is transforming more than its waterfront. As the city dismantles the Domino Sugar Refinery for multi-use development, industries such as television and movie production firms are calling Brooklyn home. It’ll be interesting to see how Brooklyn’s next act plays out.

Sunday Morning Pedal

A sense of calm replaces the hustle-bustle of Paris on Sundays. Streets empty and parks swell. As we dined at a neighborhood cafe, a man with two kids in tow casually pedaled his way across one of Paris’ major streets. How nice it is to see a city transform itself, if only for a few days.

London Flowers

Londoners know how to stop and smell the roses – or any flower for that matter.

The acreage dedicated to parks in London surprised me. The Royal Parks of London includes eight public spaces covering 4,900 acres in greater London. By comparison, New York’s Central Park is 843 acres.

Find a sunny patch, spread out a blanket and enjoy some of London’s best natural attractions.

Tailfins With Flair

Puddle jumpers. Dirt runways. Takeoffs over large drop-offs.

That’s what I remember about our flights traveling between game parks in Kenya and Tanzania. That and the planes' colorful, artistic tailfins.

I’ve been known to have my momentary flying fears, especially during turbulent takeoffs and landings. For some reason, I had little trepidation during our short flights between camps.

It could have had something to do with the majestic scenery below me. Peering down and those fun tailfins kept me smiling from takeoff to landing.