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Mexico City: Something for every taste

Walking around the historic center of Mexico City, you’ll see enthusiastic street performers, wonder at a range of architectural styles and feel an intense craving for anything corn thanks to that sweet smell permeating the air.

All of your senses are on high alert as your mind races to take it all in.

In some ways, Mexico City is a bit of an acquired taste. We spent four days there in November and my feelings for it changed with each day along with the weather.

From the unseasonable chilliness, scattered showers and gray clouds to our final days of sunshine, my outlook awakened to the many things to love about this populous city built on lakes.

Go, Turtles, Go: Cheering on Sea Turtles at Release Party

Along the beaches of Cabo, Mexico, new life is hatching. With serendipitous timing, you can get a front row seat to watch it.

Our fortuitously timed trip to Cabo in December allowed us to witness two sea turtle releases, which are not-to-miss, heart-warming experiences.

Puppies are cute, but I challenge that baby sea turtles are even cuter. Watching them crawl to their new ocean home just amps up the adorable factor.

Plan Your Best First Trip to Germany

A trip to Germany often gets combined with other countries. Just look at its nine picturesque neighbors – Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland.

As the European country with the most neighbors, it’s no wonder Germany’s borders tempt one to contemplate side trips.

Once we pulled out a map and began counting the possibilities within this country, our German interests quickly outnumbered our days.